Air Conditioning Service

Bronze Service – Air Con Recharge – £80.00 (inc VAT)

Our Air Con qualified technicians can inspect hoses for any leaks or damage, if all ok they will recharge your air con levels. Our trained staff can check your air conditioning levels and top up the refrigerant for you for as part of our Bronze Service with our new up to date Air Conditioning System.

Silver Service – Air Con Recharge and Clean Service – £95.95 (inc VAT)

Included within the recharge and clean service is the air con cleaner product.  The Air Con/Steriliser and Deodoriser Bomb destroys mould, fungi and bacteria which we are breathing in when our air con/heater system is switched on. This product also eliminates unpleasant odours emitted from the system and provides a healthier environment for all car occupants.

Gold Service Air Con Recharge and Clean Plus Service – £109.95 (inc VAT)

For the ultimate clean, we can also offer you an Air Con and Clean Plus Service priced at £109.95 for complete vehicle hygiene after we have carried out the Air Con Recharge.  The powerful yet beautifully fragrance disinfecting solution is released by our Air+  machine which diffuses throughout the air conditioning system and reaches the evaporator where it eliminates mould, bacteria and films out dirt, and restores a healthy, bacteria free air flow.  A pollen filter change is strongly advised on this service.  On your request we will quote separately for this.

If your system needs anything repaired, such as leaks and failed components, you’ll need to have these fixed separately. Our technicians will check over the system as part of the air con service and advise you upfront of any repairs that are necessary and inform you of these costs.


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